Monday, August 5, 2013

Affordable Dental Implants in Vancouver, WA

In contemporary society, it might be shocking to know that “69% of adults ages 35 to 44 have lost at least one permanent tooth to an accident, gum disease, a failed root canal or tooth decay.” By the time most adults reach their seventies, 26% have few if any of their original teeth left.
With so many people losing teeth and with our current dip in the economy, many people cannot afford the cost of implants and so go either without their teeth or with the less favorable option of bridges or dentures. Yet dental implants are the most desirable of all teeth-replacement options: they look natural, last virtually forever, do not cause pain, discomfort and bad breath and are permanent. Unlike dentures and bridges, implants do not sit on top of the gums or adhere to adjacent teeth. Instead, your dental implant dentist, Dr. Alan Snodgrass, places them inside the jawbone, making them a natural, long-term replacement for teeth.
Thankfully, there is an alternate solution for those who need implants but cannot afford the cost. With a moderate-term, esthetic provisional, patients would be able to preserve their implant site and have the benefit of a temporary replacement tooth. Using computer-aided design and manufacturing, dentists can digitally create temporary implants for a fraction of the cost of permanent ones. The result, produced by a milling machine, is almost as strong as gold.
What this means is that there is now a predictable and successful stopgap for people who do not want dentures but who cannot afford implants. Call your Vancouver, WA dentist, Dr. Snodgrass at Thurston Oaks Dental for further details on how you can get your grin back.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Experience Dentistry Without Fear!

Anxiety Free Dentistry in Vancouver, WA

If you are preparing for a filling, root canal, crown, tooth extraction, or other dental procedure, you now have an option to relieve your dental anxiety. At Thurston Oaks Dental in Vancouver, WA, there are several options available to our patients for relief of pain and anxiety during routine dental visits.

Conscious, or moderate sedation, allows patients to remain awake during dental procedures. Patients are able to interact with their dentists but do not feel any discomfort or pain. Moderate sedation can also help patients avoid more severe side effects of general anesthesia such as nausea, headache, vertigo and long-term drowsiness. This form of sedation generally causes the patient to not remember anything about their dental appointment other than a pleasant experience.

One of the most common forms of non-IV sedation is Nitrous Oxide, known as 'laughing gas'. Patients of all ages can use Nitrous Oxide with minimal to no side effects.

Make sure you tell Dr. Snodgrass about any drug allergies or dependencies, existing prescriptions or over-the-counter drug use, medical conditions, changes in your health, history of anxiety, heart conditions or alcohol use before undergoing treatment. You and your Beverly Hills dental team will discuss the benefits and risks of each option. We will work with you to make sure you have a pain-free, anxiety-free, comfortable experience.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Sugar Remains

Your Teeth Are What You Eat!

If you believe that frozen yogurt is better for your health than ice-cream, you may want to think again! While frozen yogurt may be healthier for your diet, it is not good for your teeth. Frozen yogurt contains a variety of sugars that can lead to tooth decay.

Contained within the ingredients of frozen yogurt resides evaporated cane juice. Evaporated cane juice is another form of sugar, and should never be referred to as a "healthy" sugar. Both contain molasses, but evaporated cane juice has a somewhat lower percentage.
Regardless of the types of sugar you eat, when you consume food containing sugar you are putting yourself at risk of getting cavities. Sugar is a leading contributor to dental decay which can lead to other dental diseases. Don't feel like you need to eliminate frozen yogurt all together, but realize that the "health benefits" of frozen yogurt also include risks to your dental health.

Have you scheduled your next dental cleaning at Thurston Oaks Dental? Regular cleanings are a vital part of your oral health. Call us today at (360) 524-4377 to visit your Vancouver dental experts.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Will The Best Toothbrush Please Stand?

Is Your Toothbrush Right
For You?

Everyone knows that choosing a dentist is important, but dental care outside of your Vancouver dental office is equally important. If you put a lot of thought into your teeth, finding the best toothbrush is just as important as finding the best dentist. Both will have a huge impact on your smile, so it is best to get it right.
The days of the simple nylon bristled toothbrushes have long gone, and now we have electrical powered toothbrushes, in addition to disposable toothbrushes.
Size matters when you are choosing a toothbrush. You need to find a toothbrush head that is one-inch tall, and half an inch wide. Next you will need to browse the bristle varieties. Soft bristles are more popular, because they are comfortable. If you are a heavy brusher, you will want to avoid hard or medium bristle brushes, because the heavy brushing can cause damage to your mouth.
Heavy brushers who use a medium or hard bristle brush are more likely to damage their:
  • Protective Tooth Enamel
  • Gums
  • Root Surface
Parents should purchase a soft bristle brush with a small head for children.
Before you place that toothbrush in your shopping cart, look over the recommendations. You do not want to purchase a toothbrush that has not been tested for safety, regardless of how expensive – or cheap – it is. Fancy toothbrushes may be the most stylish, but they are not the best. If you do not see a Seal of Approval from the American Dental Association, do not purchase the toothbrush. 
Have you scheduled your next dental cleaning at Thurston Oaks Dental? Regular cleanings are a vital part of your oral health. Call us today at (360) 524-4377 to visit your Vancouver dental experts.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Are You In Dental Pain?

How Do You Cure Dental Pain?
When you suffer from a tooth abscess, you suffer from more than tooth pain. The pain from the bacteria infection is often severe and can keep you from getting a good night’s sleep, in addition to stopping you from completing work at the office during the day. You could fall victim to a tooth abscess at any time, so it is best to be prepared in case it happens. When you experience this type of dental pain, it is important to give your Vancouver emergency dentist a call to care for your oral health.
When you have a tooth cavity, it can cause an infection, known as an abscess. When bacteria grows a pus pocket will form. There is no specific region where an abscess can occur.
There are various symptoms that can alert you that a tooth abscess has arrived. Some of those signs include:
  • Red Face and Mouth
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Gum Inflammation
  • Pus Drainage
  • Pain…and lots of it.
You can rinse your mouth out with warm water if you are suffering from a dental abscess. To treat the pain, you can purchase naproxen or ibuprofen, but these anti-inflammatory medicines will provide a small – if any – amount of relief. The pain may stop temporarily, but the infection is still alive and well. You will need to consult with a dentist as soon as possible to treat your infection, and get you back to work, and resting without issue during the night.
Keep in mind that if a tooth abscess goes untreated, it could lead to a more severe dental issue. This condition can spread, and cause you to become extremely ill. Some individuals who do not treat their tooth abscess have had to be hospitalized.  

Have you scheduled your next dental cleaning at Thurston Oaks Dental? Regular cleanings are a vital part of your oral health. Call us today at (360) 524-4377 to visit your Vancouver dental experts.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Strong Teeth for Life!

Start Dental Care Early For a Lifetime of Health!

Dr. Alan Snodgrass at Thurston Oaks Dental in Vancouver, WA joins the ADA and WSDA to support water fluoridation to prevent dental disease.

Fluoride is nature's cavity fighter, occurring naturally in the earth's crust, in combination with other minerals in rocks and soil. Small amounts of fluoride occur naturally in all water sources, and varying amounts of the mineral are found in all foods and beverages. Water fluoridation is the process of adjusting the natural level of fluoride to a concentration sufficient to protect against tooth decay. Flouride minerals bind to enamel to strengthen the structure of the tooth, and this can be key for children as their teeth develop.

For more information about the work the Washington State Dental Association and Washington Oral Health Foundation are doing for Vancouver area residents in the fight for children's health, read more here.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Regular or Diet? Sip All Day - Get Decay!

Dr. Snodgrass, your Vancouver dentist
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It is well known that sugar can promote obesity, tooth decay, and a wealth of other health issues. but do we realize just how much sugar is in our food and snacks? Here at Thurston Oaks Dental in Vancouver, WA we understand that a healthy diet is just as important as regular visits to the dentists or hygienist. Our friends at the Minnesota Dental Association have put together a campaign to teach children and families about the harmful effects of soda drinking.

Here's how you get cavities
  • Sugar in pop combines with bacteria in your mouth to form acid.
  • Diet or "sugar-free" pop contains its own acid.
  • Acid in soft drinks, whether they contain sugar or not, is the primary cause of weakening tooth enamel.
  • The acid attacks your teeth. Each acid attack lasts about 20 minutes.
  • The acid attack starts over again with every sip.
  • Ongoing acid attacks weaken your tooth enamel.
  • Bacteria in your mouth cause cavities when tooth enamel is damaged.
How to reduce decay
  • Drink soft drinks in moderation.
  • Don't sip for extended periods of time. Ongoing sipping prolongs sugar and acid attacks on your teeth.
  • Use a straw to keep the sugar away from your teeth.
  • After drinking, swish your mouth out with water to dilute the sugar.

To learn more about the research Minnesota Dental Association has completed, visit their website here!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Welcome to Thurston Oaks Dental - Your Vancouver Dentist!

Your Vancouver Dental Office - Thurston Oaks Dental
Dr. Alan Snodgrass provides progressive and affordable family dental care, specializing in preventive dentistry, laser periodontal treatment, and cosmetic dentistry.

At Thurston Oaks Dental, Dr. Snodgrass and his dental staff strive to provide fine dentistry in a comfortable setting, taking special care to be gentle and painless. We are dedicated to the practice and teaching of preventive dental care.

We reserve time each day for emergencies; so please call us at (360) 524-4377 and we will schedule your dental care!

During your appointment, we will take time getting to know you and listen carefully to your concerns. Dr. Snodgrass can then design a personal plan to keep your smile beautiful and healthy for a lifetime. We are proud of our friendly and experienced dental team at Thurston Oaks. Together we work to provide excellent dental care. Contact us today or use our online appointment request form to schedule your appointment with Dr. Snodgrass!

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